First Round : Idea Submission

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What is Idea Trophy?

Idea trophy is a Unilever national competition that targets university students and provides a challenging and learning experience. The competition is aimed at providing the student with practical experience, giving them the chance to prepare for life...

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Ideatrophy, New Challenge, New brand, prizes

Awards and prizes

This year's winners take home an ipad each and a chance to participate in the UFLL 2015 Global Competition**. The second runners up, get the chance to win an iPad mini each whereas the third team wins a Samsung Tab III. Most importantly each team member gains invaluable experience....

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How to enter

Undergraduate students from all majors and levels of seniority can participate in Idea Trophy, with each team comprising of 3 students from the same university. Ensure the stipulated regulations are followed when making the presentation. All team members should belong......

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